D'Orsay - Belt & Lace Up| Blue

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Elevate your footwear collection with our exquisite D'Orsay Lace-Up Shoes, a perfect blend of grace and style. These shoes are meticulously designed for the modern woman who values fashion, comfort, and timeless charm. Read more

Brand: Kristina
Categories: Shoes
SKU: #001-KSP-BM

Our lace-up shoes feature the iconic D'Orsay cutaway design, adding a touch of allure and sophistication to your look.The lace-up closure not only ensures a secure fit but also allows you to adjust the shoe for maximum comfort. They are a versatile choice that pairs effortlessly with various outfits, from casual to formal.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our D'Orsay shoes are as durable as they are stylish. They are built to last and provide long-lasting comfort, making them a valuable addition to your collection.

Specifications Descriptions
Size IND - 6,7,8,9,10
Colour Blue Motif Textured Print

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